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Weed Control

Keys to Weed ControlAll legumes are slow to develop a full ground cover and thus are poor weed competitors. Increased bacterial activity in the soil may contribute to germination of weed seeds already present.

Proper inoculation will provide more vigorous growth, thus reducing weed populations. Some chemical applications can be used for conventional farmers desiring seed production such as granular Treflan to prepare the seedbed.

Organic farmers may find early planting helpful, before weeds normally germinate. Some growers have been successful using careful harrowing before emergence and before plants are about 4 inches high.

Planting in rows to allow for cultivation may be helpful in seed production. (Check with your dealer for complete information.)

Benefits of

can last in the soil from 3-5 years under normal conditions.

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Recommend Weed Control Strategies

  • Early Planting – AC Greenfix should be your earliest crop since it can usually withstand temperatures that dip below freezing. By using early planting, AC Greenfix can grow before weeds have a chance to compete.

  • Proper Seed Inoculation – With proper seed inoculation AC Greenfix will increase growth by as much as 110%. It will also improve water efficiencies by up to 130%. With proper inoculation AC Greenfix will be able to function at peak efficiency allowing it to naturally combat weeds.

  • Harrowing – Farmers may choose to harrow AC Greenfix carefully from premergence stages to 4 inches tall. For non-organic farmers, you may also use granular Treflan to prepare the seedbed.

Water Use Efficiency (WUE)

Water use Efficiency (WUE) of dry matter production
up to full bloom by inoculated and uninoculated AC Greenfix
seeded into stubble at Swift Current in 1985, 1986 and 1987.

Dry Matter Production

Effect of seed Inoculation on dry matter produced
up to full bloom by AC Greenfix seeded into wheat
stubble at Swift Current in 1985, 1986 and 1987.

*Production estimate based on 1984 DM yield and
adjusted for 1985 growth conditions by correlation with feedpea yields.

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