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Nitrogen Production

Four years of on-farm studies in southern Saskatchewan (with only 5-6 inches rainfall) produced on average 80-100 lbs. N/acre, with over 200 lbs. produced in a research test plot.

The N2 from the air is fixed by Rhizobium bacteria inside root nodules in the top foot of soil beginning about two weeks after emergence and reaching maximum activity between early and full bloom.

About 80% of the N is contained in aboveground growth, with the remaining 20% found below ground.

During optimum growing conditions, as much as 5 lbs of N can be fixed per day. Plant growth usually ranges from 18-36 inches high with plants in full bloom by about 60 days.

Dry matter production between 2000-4000 lbs/acre is common with fields exceeding 6300 lbs/acre in a wet year in Canada.

Approximately 85% of this nitrogen is available to the following crop. AC Greenfix has an indeterminate growth pattern and will continue to flower and grow as long as there is adequate moisture and temperature.

For maximum nitrogen production, the plants should be soil incorporated or chemically desiccated before seedpods are filling and root nodule activity is greatly reduced.

Excellent Nodulation

Excellent Nodulation with AC Greenfix!

Nitrogen Production at 48 and 72 Days
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Water Use Efficiency (WUE)
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Dry Matter Production
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Rule of Thumb for Estimating Nitrogen Production: For every 1000 pounds of AC Greenfix top growth, about 40 pounds of nitrogen are gained by the soil when it is disced in or desiccated. (8-12 inches of top growth usually equals 1000 lbs.)

How to Check for Nitrogen Fixation: Dig (don’t pull) the roots of several plants at different spots in the field and examine for clusters of nodules. Slice open several nodules. If they are pink or red inside, they are effective N2 fixing nodules. Small white nodules and those that are gray or green inside are ineffective.

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