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Organic Gardens

Cover crops or green manures are becoming more and more popular in organic gardens, but they can be a bit more demanding and tricky than many gardeners care to tackle. AC Greenfix makes growing a cover crop user friendly and improves even the most overused soil including alkali soil. A short season legume that organically increases nitrogen and soil fertility while promoting beneficial bacteria growth when used as a green manure. Very moisture efficient itself, with proper inoculation research indicates it can actually improve your soil’s moisture efficiency up to 130%. Planting is usually recommended when day temperatures average about 50° and nights 30°, it can withstand temperatures as low as 22°F. The best results are obtained if plants are allowed to grow for 60-70 days, although beneficial results can be seen with only 40-50 days of growth.

Bee pollinating an AC Greenfix flower.
AC Greenfix will bring new life to your garden.


But if you fail to get an early jump, don’t despair, just plant it between your rows and fertilize while you grow. Plants should be tilled in or cut off and allowed to re-grow, before seed pods begin to fill. Fall planting works well even in northern states where plants can be allowed to freeze off. Plan extra seed for use in your garden, flowerbeds and areas of lawn that need replanting.

Even better, it is not a weed. It will not invade your garden or return as an obnoxious weed.  And being a fine leafed plant it will till in with ease; no big machinery is required. With all of these benefits and ease of use one would not expect 1” flowers that range in colors from white to blue and pink to purple all on the same plant to liven up your garden. While it does good things for your soil it is not intended for human consumption.

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