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AC Greenfix seedsResearchers in North Dakota and Montana have evaluated the forage quality traits of AC Greenfix
in comparison with 15-25 annual and perennial legumes.

It ranked first in crude protein with contents ranging from 22% to 26%, and was consistently among the top three forages tested in total digestible nutrients and in relative feed value.

Animal studies are in progress under the direction of Dr. Rao at the USDA ARS in El Reno, OK., with preliminary results looking very promising. Effect of AC Greenfix (chickling vetch) on gestating ewes was documented at NDSU, Dickinson, North Dakota.

Cattle will readily eat AC Greenfix if given the opportunity. It should be noted that the seed contains a small amount of neurotoxin and may cause problems if fed in large quantities to cattle over an extended period of time. AC Greenfix is not recommended for horses and pigs.

The USDA laboratory foam formation test for bloat potential indicates AC Greenfix generated the least foam among the 25 legumes tested. Research involving grazing and feeding is just beginning, so caution regarding animal consumption is advised until more data is available.

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